For home users. Business users only difference is that we have to charge additionally for anti-virus software.
The reason for this is that we can't supply free anti-virus for a business.
Flat rate is $150 for labor. Maximum $125 for parts ($175 for laptops). So, your maximum cost is $275 ($325 for laptops) plus tax.
If parts will cost you more than $125 ($175 for laptops) to fix the computer, we will not repair it unless you want us to continue at higher cost because you can buy a new computer for about $400. We mark up hardware 20%.

This repair service includes:

- Picking up computer from your location (within Cheyenne). We charge $75/hr for driving time outside of Cheyenne.
- We pick up and deliver computers on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
- Two business day turnaround time.
- Cleaning the computer inside.
- Replacing any cooling fans that are dying.
- Replacing any hardware that is not functioning properly to maximum cost stated above. This doesn't include any hardware that will cost us more than $100.
For example, if your computer has an expensive video card, we will replace it if you want but we will charge you the cost of the new card.
- Fixing any problem with Windows.
- Backing up all your data prior to repair if hard drive replacement will be required.
- We usually reinstall windows and all software because removing viruses and spyware often leaves Windows unstable.
- Installing free anti-virus software.
- Reinstalling printers.
- Reinstalling your software if you supply us with the install disks.
- Setting up computer and peripherals (printers, etc.) at your location.

To provide this service, we need your install CDs for all software you want us to reinstall.

All work is guaranteed for 90 days. All parts carry manufacturer warranty.
We do not warranty parts. We test them before returning the computer to you.

Payment is due when the computer is returned.
Deposit for hardware is due when computer is picked up. Will be credited towards fixed rate labor charge if not used for hardware expense.

We won't be held responsible for lost work or revenue due to lost data. Some data cannot be recovered.
Our maximum liability is the hardware.

There will be rare occasions when we cannot return a computer within two days due to unforseen problems or parts unavailability. We will always let you know if this is the case.